Thing For The Bling Streaming Plan

Thing For The Bling Streaming Plan

Sign up for this subscription plan allows you to stream UCE film, Thing For The Bling, for just $2.99 for 2 days and get free support.

Stream all UCE Films for just $2.99!

Additional options:

  • Receive 4 DVD Movies & 4 Discussion Guides for $44.99
  • 2 DVD Movies & 2 Discussion Guides for $23.99
  • Individual DVD's
    Available Now for only $10.99
    Discussion Guide Not-Included*

All DVD packages include special features (scene selections and man-on-the street youth questions.)

STREAMING! - Get 24 hour viewing time per movie.

All Movies & Discussion Guides are available as a DOWNLOAD for the same price?

Shipping and handling $3.95

Duration: 2 days
Price: $2.99