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Quinten is the biggest player on campus. The ladies love him and the guys want to be him. He sports the sickest gear and the hottest bling. Forced to get tutoring or face not graduating from high school, Quinten reluctantly agrees with his English Literature teacher and accepts tutoring by a quiet but self-confident Christian girl named Felicia. He quickly learns that his charming and cool tactics have no effect on his would be victim tutor. Powerless but curious, Quinten begins to examine Felicia’s strong relationship with God. The more he discovers, the more he is inspired. Not able to compete in both worlds, Quinten’s reputation as the coolest dude in the school is diminishing and he will have to return to his life as a G or lose his crown.



Keith-Allen Hinson, Danielle Crumble, Jamar Brooks, Joshua O'Balles, Renee Rivon, Brandy Vital, Brian Francis & Sharon K. Collins. 

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